Frequently Asked Questions

How does InnCommand safeguard sensitive customer data?

InnCommand does not store sensitive customer data such as credit card numbers. Instead, we store a reference number which refers to the last transaction ran on a given credit card. We then transmit that reference number, which by itself is useless to criminals, to the credit card processor who then processes the "Credit Card On File" for the amount entered. All transactions, data input, and logins are protected using industry-standard 256-Bit encryption and the data is then stored in a secure facility with access only to authorized personnel.

How do I transition advance reservations to InnCommand?

There are two ways to input your property's advance reservations. One is to enter them manually which can be surprising fast, or if you property has a large number of advance reservations, you may provide InnCommand's staff with a comma delineated list of guests and reservations with accompanying keys that you define:

Example Guest Key:

Example Gust Data:
John,Doe,5559991234,,100 Main St #4,90001,01-28-2004,
Susan,Green,5551327777,,242 Sunset Dr,10001,11-12-2007,

Example Reservation Key:

Our technicians will then use the comma delineated data for the initial setup of your InnCommand System to save you time. If you instead choose to enter your advance reservations manually, your front desk staff will benefit from the excellent training opportunity.

How can I set my own cancellation policies?

Cancellation policies can be customized for each season. If the property desires, cancellation policies can also be different for small or large groups. Flexible rules make setting up cancellation policies tailored to your property simple.

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